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Implant Treatment Planning

Implant Treatment Planning
Main language of instruction: English

Teaching staff


The multidisciplinary implantology session aims to integrate the different specialties involved in dental implant rehabilitation

Pre-course requirements

Complete documentation of cases to be presented at the session, with the approval of the treatment plan by the instructor in charge


Understand the need of multidisciplinary approach to clinical cases

Understand the need to use scientific evidence in treatment plans

Understand the need to get  bibliographic support for proposed treatment plans

Learn to present in public

Learn to debate and defend the treatment plans


Preparation and documentation of a clinical case

Differential diagnosis reasoned and documented treatment plans

Public presentation in English

Capacity discussion

Ability to critically analyze cases and treatments presented by other peers

Learning outcomes

Differential diagnosis of clinical problems

In-depth analysis of the literature supporting each treatment plan

Ability to diagnose a case and propose the list of problems associated with it

Ability to define and justify therapeutic options for the same case

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

Continuous assessment of the student in terms of:

Number of cases presented and defended during the course

Quality of presentations

Quality of bibliographic documentation provided

Ability to defend the proposed treatment plan