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Surgical Seminar II

Surgical Seminar II
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish,

Teaching staff




Surgical seminar

Number of hours:13h

Fridays from  12:30 TO 14:00 ROOM L26


Pre-course requirements

The student must have:

  1. comprehensive knowledge of the principles of oral and periodontal wound healing regeneration and repair.
  2. comprehensive knowledge of the local and systemic risk factors for periodontal surgery.
  3. comprehensive knowledge of oral and periodontal anatomy.
  4. comprehensive knowledge of all periodontal surgical procedures.
  5. comprehensive knowledge of drugs used in periodontal surgical procedures


The student  has:

  1. to be competent in reviewing and updating all periodontal surgical procedures.
  2. to be competent at critically evaluating  all types of periodontal surgical procedures.
  3. to be competent at selecting  the best surgical option for each case.
  4. to be competent at critically evaluating the results of each surgical procedure performed.
  5. to be competent at developing treatment planning of both  periodontal and multidisciplinary cases


The student must:

  1. be proficient in all surgical techniques in periodontics, their indications and contraindications , advantages and disadvantages
  2. be proficient in methods for soft and hard tissue reconstruction
  3. be able to document and carry out a wide range of surgical procedures including:
  4. be able to fully document the surgical cases in order to subsequently present these cases for evaluation
  5.  to be able to find the mistakes and errors performed in each surgical procedure and to find the best solution for each case
  • gingivectomy/local excision.
  • Periodontal Flap Surgery including access flaps and apically positioned flaps, with or without concomitant osseous surgery.
  • Root resection/hemisection procedures.
  • Mucogingival and plastic periodontal surgery procedures.
  • Reconstructive periodontal surgery procedures.
  • Surgical implant therapy, including surgical placement of oral implants in all areas of the dentition, in both fully and partially edentulous patients, bone augmentation procedures including grafting, guided bone regenerative techniques, sinus floor elevation and soft tissue surgical procedures in conjunction with oral implants.

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to perform surgical periodontal treatments, resective surgery, mucogingival surgery and regenerative surgery on teeth and implants.

The student will be able to make a proper approach when complications arise and be able to perform an appropriate postoperative monitoring on all surgical treatment performed. 

Students will have the confidence to deal from moderate cases to severe cases of periodontal disease, periodontal bone defects and mucogingival deformities.



The first day of class the teacher in charge of the course will make a presentation in witch he will give the norms for the presentation of the clinical cases and inform how to monitor the cases.


Teaching and learning activities

In person

Each clinical presentation will be evaluated by the teachers attending the session. There will also be theoretical sessions of clinical cases and clinical guidelines of different treatments, such as mucogingival surgery, sutures and flap designs.


Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

The evaluation will be carried out continuously during all clinical sessions. The involvement of students and their comments will be evaluated positively. Also  the quality of the presentation in electronic format will be assessed. The attendance in class is mandatory and there will be 5 minutes of courtesy to attend it. Students who arrive with a delay over this 5 minutes will not be able to attend it.

The sequence of presentation is according to the Google Calendar of the Perio Department. The seminar will take place the days that there is no other presentation according to this calendar. The sequence is correlative and the residents cannot modi

Continuos evaluation:

The day of the clinical case presentation each resident and the interaction during the sessions.


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