Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Scientific Writing Seminar

Scientific Writing Seminar
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish,

Teaching staff


This seminar will teach the students how to write scientific articles, from literature reviews to different types os studies.

Pre-course requirements

Graduate in Dentistry.


The main purpose of this seminar is to teach students how to write and structure scientific articles in English and Spanish.


To be able to summarize all the relevant information in an abstract.

To get knowledge of the different parts that compose a scientific article and the information to be included in each part.

To be familiar with the Harvard and Vancouver referencing systems.

To gain fluency in scientific writing in English and Spanish.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to write a scientific article in an appropiate manner, which will subsequently facilitate their publication.


1. Different types of scientific articles: literature reviews, systemtic reviews, meta-analysis, observational studies and intervention studies.

2. How to write a title and an abstract.

3. Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions. What information should be included in each of these parts depending on the type of study?

4. Scientific writing in English.

Bibliography and resources

Jay Katz M. From research to manuscript. A guide of scientific writing.

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