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Clinical Seminar

Clinical Seminar
Main language of instruction: Spanish

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, English,

Teaching staff


The contents and knowledge about basic periodontics will be reinforced and expanded.

Pre-course requirements

Degree in Dentistry.


To strengthen the knowledge needed for daily clinical practice. To justify clinical decisions. To expand knowledge about the relationship of periodontics with other specialties. To expand knowledge about surgical cases, as well as have the ability to present clinical cases.


-          To be able to prepare a clinical case and make its presentation. -          To establish a diagnosis, a prognosis and a treatment plan. -          To be able to treat and monitor systemically compromised patients and treat periodontal emergencies. -          To expand knowledge about microbiology and clinical decision making and action. -          To be able to treat patients with dental sensitivity and with halitosis. -          To be able to know the relationship of periodontics with other specialties such as endodontics and orthodontics. -          To know the principles to make an aesthetic crown lengthening. -          To be able to diagnose and establish a treatment in cases of infraóses defects.


-          To be able to diagnose and establish a treatment in cases of mucogingival defects. -          To know the treatment of peri-implantitis. -          To know the treatment of the edentulous ridge. -          To know the principles of periapical surgery.

Learning outcomes

To achieve the clinical skill in the resolution of complex cases and be able to indicate or perform correctly the treatment of more complex surgical cases.


-       - First visit in periodontics. -       - Radiographic exploration. -       - Dental photography. -       - Diagnosis: New periodontal classification. Examples clinical cases. -       - Forecast. Examples clinical cases. -       - Diagnosis of peri-implant diseases. -       - Treatment plan and treatment sequence. -       - Systemically compromised patients. -       -   Literature review. (I) -       - Hygienic phase (Phase I). Workshop of scaling and root planning and sharpening of curettes. -       - How to do the re-evaluation in periodontics. -       -   Literature review. (II) -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Interdisciplinary dentistry. Presentation of clinical cases. -       - How to perform a proper maintenance of teeth and implants. -       -   Literature review. (III). -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Introduction to microbiology. Microbiological tests. -       - Emergency in periodontics: management of EPN, abscesses, herpetic gingivostomatitis, ... -       - Handling of smoker patient, alcohol and other drugs. -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Oral medicine part I. -       - Oral medicine part II. -       - Dentine hypersensitivity. -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Halitosis. -       - Principles of periodontal surgery. Incisions and sutures. -       - Surgical management of peri-implantitis. Clinical cases. -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Regenerative surgery. Clinical cases. -       - Mucogingival surgery. Clinical cases. -       - Edentulous edge. Increase of flange with hard tissues and soft tissues. -       - Presentation and discussion of clinical cases. -       - Endodontic surgery. Periapical surgery, autotransplantation, ... -       - Orthodontic surgery. Corticotomies and microtornillos, exhibition of teeth included. When to do orthodontics in periodontal patients. -       - Surgery and prosthodontics. Gingival smile, lengthening of aesthetic crown. -       - Final case presentation. Moodle sessions that will be posted on the web monthly: - General aspects in mucogingival surgery. - Implants in the aesthetic sector. - Corticotomies. - Non-surgical and surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. - Lengthening of aesthetic crown. - Mucogingival surgery around implants. - Guided tissue regeneration. - Prevention of peri-implantitis. - Interdisciplinary treatment in the previous sector.  

Teaching and learning activities

In blended

Seminars taught by teachers and students. The seminars will be made through computer-supported presentations, may include a workshop.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In blended

Continuous evaluation according to the presentations made by the students and the contributions and attention provided in the seminars.

Bibliography and resources

- Lindhe J. Clinical Periodontics. - Bibliographic search. - Articles given by the professors for the literature review seminars.