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Financial and Banking Analysis

Financial and Banking Analysis
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Spanish

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, English,

Teaching staff

You can contact the teacher via email and also arrange a meeting via meet or zoom.


This is a totally practical subject that aims to introduce you, through the study of real cases lived by the teacher, in the analysis that banking entities carry out of a company that requests financing to meet its needs.

At AFB we will transform academic theory into a practical and effective tool for decision making. To do this, it will be necessary to restate the accounting so that it shows a company's cash generation. In this way, we will be able to diagnose the real problems that companies have.

This subject will provide you with real and proven tools in the professional world for making financial decisions that you can apply throughout your professional career.

The learning system is based on the case method, allowing you to experience different business situations in various sectors through an itinerary that will put your analysis and decision-making skills to the test.

The evaluation system is continuous and progressive, so class attendance and weekly work is essential to be able to pass the subject.

It is not necessary to have a high financial education to choose the subject. Sometimes, it is better to know finances from reality and then make sense of theory.

Pre-course requirements

You need to have a basic understanding of accounting and you like numbers. Although the first cases will serve as a review, the pace of the subject is high.


- Mastering the most common financial concepts and tools in the banking business. 

- Identify and interpret the relevant information of a company for decision making.

- Diagnose the situation of a company from cash flows.

- Determine if a financing operation will be sustainable in the long term.

- Learn to argue before a committee the decisions taken.

Learning outcomes

The course will allow you to develop your capacity for analysis and decision making. You will learn to identify key issues and interpret financial information to diagnose the economic-financial situation of a company.

AFB will provide you with useful tools for your professional life, especially if you are going to dedicate yourself to the financial world.


The cases used are disparate, present different economic sectors and reflect different business situations. You will have the opportunity to analyze both a world leading multinational company in its sector and small companies and entrepreneurial projects with their humble business plan.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

The learning method is based on the case method. It will be necessary to review the cases before class and also later to draw conclusions and consolidate learning.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

It is an eminently practical subject where the preparation of cases, weekly monitoring, class attendance and active participation with the basics to pass the subject.

The system will be based on continuous and progressive evaluation evaluating the participation, quality of the submissions and the evolution of the student.

The Business Banking module has a weight of 80% in the final grade, while Private Banking weights 20%. It is necessary to obtain a 5.0 to pass the course.

In case of not passing it, it will be necessary to take the second call and pass the exam with a 5.0.

Bibliography and resources

In the first phase of the subject, the teacher will provide a manual to help the student acquire basic knowledge and be able to properly follow the subject.