Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

The History and Theory of Music

The History and Theory of Music
First semester
Cultural analysis -identity and innovation-
Art, cultural heritage, and experience
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: English, Spanish,

Teaching staff


  • E03 - Ability to appropriately use key concepts in the area of culture.
  • E04 - Ability to recognise and interpret cultural manifestations.
  • E11 - Ability to interpret data and relate it to appropriate theories.
  • E14 - To develop the ability for critical analysis with regard to literary and artistic expression.
  • E15 - Ability to identify and value the different elements which make up cultural heritage.
  • E33 - Ability to relate concepts of heritage, homeland and cultural identity.
  • G01 - To analyse and interpret social and cultural environments to identify need, opportunities, weaknesses and strenghts..
  • G02 - To lead, cooordinate and form part of interdisciplinary work teams.
  • G03 - To search for and/or administer economic resources within the framework of an institution or company, or a cultural programmes, project or service.
  • G06 - To demonstrate an ability to be open and flexible with regards to cultural and socil diversity.