Digital Media Studios

This is an introduction to the audiovisual creation facilities in our Faculty: the Digital Media Studios, where our students become presenters, producers, camera operators, editors and reporters etc. 

Equipped with the most cutting-edge IT and audiovisual equipment, the Digital Media Studios provide a space for creation, learning and experimentation, where students can bring any type of audiovisual project to fruition, become familiar with the tools that are usually used in the communication sector and undertake their own projects, whether these are television programmes, news reports, projects in English, adverts, documentaries, short films or full-length features etc.

The facilities include:

  1. A 125 m2 television studio which is highly flexible in terms of creating spaces and sets.
  2. A 55 m2 production control room.
  3. Twelve independent high definition video cameras
  4. Three mobile cameras, one with a teleprompter, which facilitate a multi-camera set-up.
  5. Chroma to create virtual scenery.
  6. Cutting-edge lighting, sound and registration equipment.
  7. New post-production studios equipped with Avid, Final Cut, After Effects and Pro Tools programmes.