Information and security measures against COVID-19 at UIC Barcelona

Last updated: March 2022

Consult the latest updates and other relevant information about Coronavirus at UIC Barcelona. The information in this website is valid for the entire university community (students, PDI and PAS), and is constantly being internally reviewed by the university. It is updated according to the latest regulations published by the government and public health authorities in Catalonia and Spain.

COVID-19 regulations and general measures at UIC Barcelona

The preventive measures listed below adhere with the Royal Decree 286/2022 which repeals the mandatory use of the mask, except in some cases.

Measures applied are as follows:

  • The Occupational Risk Prevention Unit of our university recommends wearing a mask in the following cases:
    • Vulnerable population that has prolonged contact with people at a distance of less than 1.5 meters.
    • In indoor spaces for shared use (classrooms, laboratories, workshops, meeting rooms, rooms for academic events, etc.), especially when the health safety distance cannot be guaranteed and the stay in that space is prolonged.
    • People with COVID-19 with mild or asymptomatic symptoms.
    • In the three university clinics.
  • A 1.5 m social distance must be observed and crowds should be avoided, both inside and outside the building.
  • Hand hygiene is recommended with soap and water and/or alcohol-based sanitizer available at entry points, classroom corridors, shared spaces and specific rooms.
  • The relevant signs and recommendations on posters and screens located around the university should be complied with. Safety instructions and necessary hygiene measures shall be respected in the dining rooms and break areas.
  • 100% capacity is now permitted in communal areas, libraries, laboratories, workshops and study rooms. Where possible, safety distances shall be observed.
  • If you have a confirmed case of COVID with symptoms, you should stay at home and follow usual hygiene procedures until your isolation period has ended (vulnerable people should isolate according to professional medical recommendations). You must also inform the department and service managers (in the case of PAS) or the COVID manager of the Faculty or School (in case of students and PDI) as soon as possible.