Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Strategic plan

Here is the general outline of the strategic plan, as approved by the governing body.


The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) aims to offer a service to society through education and scientific research aimed at providing the skills required for the workplace, as well as a scientific, cultural and human education for students. The University also aims to carry out charitable endeavours, as well as cultural and environmentally sustainable activities.

Strategic Plan 2015-2022


UIC Barcelona's Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 was presented in September 2011. 
This plan was a major milestone for the university because, for the first time, it drafted a project for the future based on specific plans of action and a follow-up process aimed at achieving "a high-quality university in terms of teaching, management, technological development and communication, with the foundations of competitive research".

The plan consists of eight key aims with objectives, lines of action, indicators and corresponding figures.

In order to draft, design and define the new Strategic Plan 2015-2022, which is shown below, the plan mentioned above has been taken as a reference point, mainly in terms of defining the key goals and follow-up actions to assess the suitability of the new Strategic Plan.

Design and structure

The Strategic Plan has been designed taking into account five key areas: teaching, research, an international approach, knowledge transfer and resources. Each goal is associated with a series of strategic approaches and corresponding objectives, which will result in the appropriate actions to be carried out. Each action, in turn, is defined based on indicators and the value attributed to each indicator, and these are used to monitor the different actions proposed.

Goal 1. Teaching

Goal 2. Research

Goal 3. International approach

Goal 4. Knowledge transfer

Goal 5. Resources

Foundation and content

The Strategic Plan is a tool that allows us to reflect on future goals posed by UIC Barcelona over seven years, taking into account its current situation and considering the fundamental bases of UIC Barcelona in terms of the mission, vision and values that define the institution.

The main goals included in the new plan are:

  • Helping to establish a common framework that favours the alignment of strategic objectives throughout the entire university community.
  • Furthering the prestige of UIC Barcelona through an increase in teaching quality and a boost to research in important areas, in a context of academia and transferring knowledge to society.
  • Encouraging UIC Barcelona's international approach through teaching and research, and increasing UIC Barcelona's standing abroad through actions that increase projection, visibility and prestige.
  • Contributing to education that shares Christian humanism in all fields of knowledge.
  • Helping to efficiently use and allocate organisational resources.
  • Serving as a basis for developing the University's objectives and strategies, as well as those of its schools and departments.
  • Encouraging members of the university community to take action in service of society.
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging and commitment among members of UIC Barcelona.
  • Projecting an image of UIC Barcelona that positions the institution competitively.

This Strategic Plan aims to make a leap forward in quality in three general fields: student employability, internationalisation and research quality.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2022 will end on the 25th anniversary of UIC Barcelona.