Alumni UIC group

The Alumni UIC Barcelona group born to serve and help the university to consolidate its mission and improve the prestige through their alumni.

The aims of the group are:

  1. Keeping alive the UIC Barcelona contact with alumni and these together.
  2. Facilitate the chances of meeting between alumni, faculty and the university community as a whole.
  3. Encourage and promote educational activities, continuing education and research by the university.
  4. Encourage professional Alumni relations with labor, social and cultural world.
  5. To collaborate with the financing of the activities of educational, formative and welfare character that the UIC Barcelona realizes.
  6. To spread the ideology and the style UIC Barcelona all over the world.

They can be members of the Group all the graduates who have obtained an academic title of Doctorate, Máster, Postdegree, Degree, Master or Diploma course.

The group is ruled by a board of directors presided by former pupils of UIC Barcelona. Nowadays the following members compose it:



Jose Ignacio Parellada. Law'92

Vice presidents

Arantza de Miguel. Law'92
Francisco Lopera. Business Administration'02


Alberto Chinchilla. Journalism'07 y Humanities'08
Borja Ferrater. Architecture'05
Cristina Naqui. Nursing '14

To be a member of the Group, you must register and make an annual contribution. This contribution is intended among other projects, the Alumni Scholarship Fund.


Alumni Student UIC Barcelona Students applying for scholarship Alumni - Banc Santander. 20 €
Alumni Graduate Alumni who have completed a bachelor's degree, master degree, master or postgraduate own and who are under 30 years.

30 €

Alumni Senior Alumni who are in possession of a Bachelor (UIC Barcelona or INEDE / BBA / UIS), diploma, graduate, official master, postgraduate or clinical residency and who are older than 30 years.

60 €

Alumni Friends Association may belong to this category: PAS and PDI members, who are not alumni, and students who began studying at UIC Barcelona and did not complete his studies.  70 €
Alumni Honorific All members of the Association and retirees as well as PAS and PDI also retired, will become part of this category.  -

The Group offers the following services to all Alumni:

  • Sending digital magazine of the faculty to which belongs.
  • Access to the job market

For those who are also members of the Group:

  • Access to the library and its publications
  • Special prices in courses (FC, masters and postgraduates) *
  • Access platform advantages and discounts Alumni
  • Service professionally oriented coaching

* excluded from this category Alumni Friends

Beneficis i incentius socials per als membres de l'Agrupació