Video conference | Artificial intelligence and bio-revolution after COVID-19

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On 9 July at 12 p.m., lecturer Josep Muntañola will give a public video conference titled “Artificial Intelligence and Bio-revolution after COVID-19”. The lecture will provide an introduction to critical theory, studied as part of the Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence for Architecture & Design, which is co-directed by the speaker alongside the lecturers Ana Cocho and Diego Navarro. 

The programme of study will explore the kernel of the design practices in our post-bio-revolution world.  “In this new world the biological dimensions are closely related to our social and cultural stories, and the new relationships can only be analysed by computer simulation. As described by Lewis Mumford a hundred years ago –and today, by Karl Friston–, computer simulation it is no easy feat, since it involves great knowledge on the ontological subjective cognitive dimension and on cultural social history, in order to be fully understood.  Meanwhile, design is right at the core of all these discussions”, explains the lecturer. 

Josep Muntañola is a senior lecturer at the Barcelona School of Architecture at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and a member of the academic committee for the Doctorate in Architecture at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.  He is also head of the research group GIRAS and of the Arquitectonics Network: Mind, Land & Society ( and president of the Catalonian Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint George, as well as having written books and articles on the theories and practices of architecture and planning.

Language: English

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture