Work with us at UIC Barcelona

Since 1997, UIC Barcelona has been teaching people based on a philosophy of academic rigour, enriching university life and fulfilling life experiences. We hold people at the centre of our mission, in both a personal and professional capacity, so that each member of our community can become the best version of themselves. The search for excellence is rooted in our DNA, which is why at our university, we seek professionals who are committed to making a valuable contribution through their professional endeavours.  Each day, we are driven by rigour, a critical spirit, collaboration, initiative, quality and humility. Effort and a drive for self-improvement are our catalysts for change.  

UIC Barcelona is waiting for you!

  • Administration and Service Staff
  • Teaching and Research Staff

Administration and Service Staff

You will find information about the vacancies available to form part of our administration and services team below.

UIC Barcelona's Administration and Services Staff contains professionals from the fields of management, administration, communication, marketing, and other areas. 

UIC Barcelona is able to provide a better service to society based on the work it carries out. 

Teaching and Research Staff

You will find information about available vacancies to form part of our administration and services team below.

UIC Barcelona's Teaching and Research Staff is made up of professionals from the academic and research fields. 

Apart from teaching, the UIC Barcelona teaching staff work on lines of research that are representative of their professional field, and which add value to their teaching tasks, on a daily basis.  Likewise, a large majority of the teaching staff are currently also exercising their profession, which provides a much closer view of the reality which students will come across in the future.