Departamento de Arquitectura

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Professor Lector
Departament d'Arquitectura, ESCOLA TÈCNICA SUPERIOR D'ARQUITECTURA. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya


Capítols de llibre

  • Chelleri, L., (10/05/2017), "Transition in Spain: A First Assessment of Dimensions, Challenges and Opportunities for Transition Town Initiatives", Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation. People, Place, Practice, Power, Politics and Possibility in Transition, pp. 45-72. ISBN: 1856232972.
  • Chelleri, L., (28/04/2017), "Trimmed Weapons for Energy Data Analysis in Universities’ Living Labs: Current Gaps and Improvement Proposals", News from the Front of Sustainable University Campuses.
  • Chelleri, L., (20/04/2017), "Sustainable Disaster Resilience? Tensions Between Socio-economic Recovery and Built Environment Post-disaster Reconstruction in Abruzzo (Italy)", Urban Regions Now & Tomorrow, SPRINGER VERLAG: BERLIN HEIDELBERG NEW-YORK.
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International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) Congress

Ponència "Transnational City Resilience Networks as facilitators of Policy Learning and Implementation?", 2018.

Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

Presentació de poster "The significance of city-to-city learning in transnational climate networks: a global perspective", 2018.

International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) Congress

Presentació de ponència curta (short paper) "BEGIN: experiences, methods and guidelines to accelerate effective city-to-city learning to reach transformational change", 2018.

Resilience Conference

Ponència "Exploring Urban Resilience Trade-off: theoretical tensions, practical trade-offs", 2017.

International research workshop: Towards Urban Resilience

Ponència convidada "When building Resilience could increase Vulnerability: urban resilience trade-offs and the challenges for policy design", 2017.

River Flow International Conference

Presentació de comunicació "Toward an adaptive, flood risk management strategy in the Netherlands: an overview of recent history", 2016.

M.I.T. Global Conference on Universities Campus Sustainability

Ponència "Is there a space for resilience indicators within Sustainability Campuses Frameworks?", .