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Formación Académica de la Dra. VALLÈS VEGAS, Cristina

  • Doctorado en Odontología (RD 1393/2007)
    Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
  • Odontologia
    Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2006).
  • Residencia Clínica en Implantes
    Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2011).
  • Máster en periodoncia avanzada
    Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2011).
  • Postgrado en Fundamentos de Diseño y Estadística
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2014).

Publicaciones de la Dra. VALLÈS VEGAS, Cristina


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Capítulos del libro

  • Vallès Vegas, C, 2016, "4.- Diagnóstico y Tratamiento. Terapia antiinfecciosa", Patología periimplantaria. Efecto de las bacterias en el ecosistema implantológico. Editorial Quintessence, S.L., 146-153.

RDI no competitivo de la Dra. VALLÈS VEGAS, Cristina

  • Advanced antibacterial dental implants coatings. A study in Beagle dogs..
  • Detección en gabinete de Metaloproteinasa de la Matriz 8 activa (aMMP-8) en Fluido Sulcular Periimplantario (PISF): Un estudio longitudinal prospectivo..
  • Peri-Implant and Periodontal Bleeding on Probing: Impact of Smoking on its Diagnostic Accuracy..
  • Genic expression in patients with peri-implantitis. A pilot high-throughput microarray experiment..
  • Influence of ridge preservation after tooth extraction with buccal bone plate deficiency on dimensional changes: A prospective randomized controlled clinical trial.
  • Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in patients with chronic periodontitis and relantionship with its severity.
  • Treatment of peri-implant mucositis by means of implant decontamination and modification of the implant supported-prosthesis to facilitate oral hygiene access.
  • Comparative histological and volumetric changes in GBR technique using two different graft materials (xenograft Bio-Oss® - Geistlich vs Cortical Particulate Allograft –BST) and the same resorbable membrane (Pericardium-BST): a double-blind clinical trial..
  • Influence of post-operative palatal flap thickness and suturing technique on wound healing and patient morbidity, after connective tissue harvesting. A randomized controlled clinical trial.
  • Benefits of a new mechanical decontamination method, ti-brush, on the adjunct treatment of regenerative therapy of peri-implantitis lesions: 12-month outcomes of a randomized controlled clinical trial..