Perfil profesor

Professor Ajudant

Formación Académica

  • Filología Inglesa. Universidad Complutense, 2009
  • Master formación al profesorado en enseñanza de idiomas (inglés). Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2012



English Research Week

Ponència "The effects of a content-based language course on students' academic writing", 2018.

The International Conference on Writing Analytics: Actionable Data for Teaching and Learning Writing

Presentació de comunicació "Reflexive metadiscourse: a corpus based study of Spanish Bachelor dissertations in EFL", 2018.

Annual Spring Research Seminar: Research Update in Multilingual Approaches and Communication-esbo

Presentació de comunicació "Reflexive Metadiscourse in a corpus of Spanish bachelor dissertations in EFL", 2018.

English Research Week

Ponència "Linking or delinking of ideas? The use of adversative linking adverbials by advanced EFL learners", 2017.

Spring Research Seminar

Ponència "Tracking Foreign soundingness in Academic Discourse", 2017.