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Perfil del profesor

Ciencias Básicas, DEPARTAMENTO DE CIENCIAS BÁSICAS. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Formación académica

Doctora Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
Llicenciada Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona

Experiencia profesional

Senior Group Leader at the IDIBAPS Biomedical Research Institute, University of Barcelona Medical School.

Pathological angiogenesis: New culprit behind chronic liver disease Ramirez M, Fernandez M
Corresponding author: Mercedes Fernandez OBM Hepatology and Gastroenterology 2019, Special Issue: “Exploring Novel Treatment Options for Liver Fibrosis: Can Anti-Angiogenics Succeed?”. Ed. M. Bartneck. Lidsen Publishing (doi: 10.21926)(in press) Invited Review

Pericytes in the gut Ramirez M, Pell N, Mejias M, Fernandez M Corresponding author: Mercedes Fernandez
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 2019; 1122:73-100, “Pericyte Biology in Different Organs”, Ed. A. Birbrair. Springer Nature, Switzerland AG Invited Review

Placental growth factor: New treatment target bringing hope in hepatopulmonary syndrome Fernandez M Corresponding author: Mercedes Fernandez Hepatology (2018) 68:404-407 Invited Editorial

Circadian- and UPR-dependent control of CPEB4 mediates a translational response to counteract hepatic steatosis under ER stress
Maillo C, Martin J, Sebastian D, Hernandez-Alvarez M, Garcia-Rocha M, Reina O, Zorzano A, Fernandez M, Mendez R Co-corresponding authors: Raul Mendez and Mercedes Fernandez Nature Cell Biology (2017) 19:94-105 Comment on this paper: Moore PC & Oakes SA. CPEB4 links the clock and the UPR to protect the liver. Nature Cell Biology (2017);19:79-81. This paper received the Award to the Best Scientific Publication (Year 2018) from the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)