ABDALLAH, Yomna Khalid Ibrahim Mohammed

Departamento de Arquitectura

ABDALLAH, Yomna Khalid Ibrahim Mohammed


Perfil del profesor

Professor Col.laborador

Departament d'Arquitectura, ESCOLA TÈCNICA SUPERIOR D'ARQUITECTURA. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya


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  • Abdallah, Y.; Estévez, Alberto T.; Tantawy, D. M.; Ibraheem, A. M.; Khalil, Neveen M., (2019), "Employing Laccase-Producing Aspergillus sydowii NYKA 510 as a Cathodic Biocatalyst in Self-Sufficient Lighting Microbial Fuel Cell", Journal of microbiology and biotechnology, vol. 29, No. 12, pp. 1861-1872, ISSN: 1017-7825.
  • Abdallah, Y., (2015), "Conceptual Manipulation from Design to Production-Case Study of the Winner Project at Optima+ International Competition & Digital Fabrication Workshop", The International Journal of Science & Technoledge, vol. 3, No. 7, pp. 65-75, ISSN: 2321 919X.


  • International Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics "Methodology of Implementing Transformative Bioactive Hybrids in Built Environment to Achieve Sustainability", 2020.