UIC Barcelona is committed to ensuring that nobody with a true aptitude and zest for learning should have to drop out of a degree for financial reasons. Student Services offers information and personalised assistance so that students can access these grants and financial aid. 

Here, you can consult the rules for grants and financial aid.

Specific conditions per banking institution

Santander Bank

Find out what Santander Bank offers students

If you prefer to be informed personally, you or your family, you can contact them by email:  6133@gruposantander.es 


Consult the CaixaBank financing offer. For more information, if you are a CaixaBank customer, ask your bank manager. If you are not a CaixaBank customer, send an email to colectivos.barcelona@caixabank.com and they will assign you one.


Take advantage of the exclusive conditions offered to UIC Barcelona students. Get in touch with them by calling 918 33 07 01.