Advantages of International Mobility

It has been proven that students who participate in international mobility are more and better prepared to face the current and future global world.

It increases your professional prospects and employability in the country of origin and target country:

- 23% less unemployment [+ info]

"International experience is always an added value for companies and is therefore of great help when finding work" [+ info]
— Commissioner for Education, Androulla Vassiliou

- More than double the chances of being promoted to a better position

"Somebody who already has academic or work experience abroad and is proficient in a second language can earn up to 35% more than someone without this kind of experience or who has a basic level of English" [+ info]

"If you study or train abroad, you have a greater chance of improving your employment prospects" [+ info]
— European Commissioner for Education, Androulla Vassiliou

- 44% greater chance of securing a managerial position.

- Greater entrepreneurship: 1 in 10 set up their own company and 4 out of every 10 consider it.

- 70% more of the skills demanded by companies

"An increasing number of companies are looking to internationalise and have numerous projects outside of Spain. Therefore, candidates who have first-hand knowledge of the country, language and culture give them a competitive edge" [+ info]
— Nuria Esparza, director of Adecco Profesional

- You will become familiar with other university systems and professional approaches.

- International double degrees consist of two bachelor's or master's degrees valid in two universities and two different countries. They will set you apart and double your chances of finding work.

"This kind of course helps them polish another language, sometimes to the point where they can think in it; this requires greater complexity and represents greater proficiency" [+ info]
— Director of Corporate Communications at, Margarita. Chico


Extend your network of personal and professional international contacts

Enhance your personal skills (problem-solving and decision-making capacity, tolerance, self-confidence, curiosity, social and global awareness, among others)

Learn to express yourself more naturally and professionally in multicultural environments

"Adaptation to another country, culture, ways of organisation and contacts, initiative and a disposition towards international mobility are values that companies value highly" [+ info]
— Nuria Esparza, director of Adecco Profesional

Noticeable improvement in language skills.


You should choose a country where you can practise one or two languages. And obviously, countries that have a greater business fabric, as this can help you in the future. Countries such as Germany, France or Scandinavian countries" [+ info]
— Nuria Esparza, director of Adecco Profesional

Human resources professionals and media that emphasise the benefits of international mobility: