Observatory on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies

Objectives and responsibilities

UIC Barcelona is home to the Observatory on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies (OIANT), whose twofold objective it is to educate and train emerging generations of students in the field of artificial intelligence and foster discussion and knowledge of this area among the general public.

Along these same lines, the OIANT has been set up to design and implement cross-disciplinary studies for bachelor’s degree students at UIC Barcelona. As such, the Observatory works to ensure that all students at the university have the optimum knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, such as robotics or 3D printing.

The OIANT also hopes to foster public debate on the ethical and social implications of these technologies, as well as organising conferences, seminars, round tables and talks from expert speakers to debate and cultivate knowledge in this field.

In order to fulfil its objectives, the OIANT has endorsed the creation of working and evaluation groups in each faculty at UIC Barcelona.  These groups include members of the teaching and research staff, experts in the corresponding field, members of the professional societies involved and professionals from relevant companies in the corresponding sector.


The Observatory is directed by Dr Gabriel Fernandez Borsot. Dr Fernández Borsot completed his doctoral degree in industrial engineering at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya and his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. He has been teaching at UIC Barcelona for more than 15 years and researches the anthropological implications of technology.


You can contact the Observatory by sending an email to: oiant@uic.es