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Research at UIC Barcelona

Since its founding in 1997, one of the objectives of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) has been research. Since then, UIC Barcelona has implemented a research and knowledge transfer plan that has helped it secure a position in this competitive field comparable to other like-sized universities with similar characteristics.

It is currently home to research groups in the following areas:

  1. Medical and health sciences
  2. Social sciences
  3. Humanities
  4. Architecture

From when UIC Barcelona was founded until now, research indicators for our research groups have increased. We can currently summarise these as follows:

  • Publications (168 JCR-Science Edition, 25 JCR-Social Sciences Edition, 38 Scopus, 8 Arts Humanities Citation Index, 16 JCarthus Plus 2014, 4 ERIH-European Reference Index for Humanities, 13 Latindex).
  • 80 theses read / 236 students enrolled in the doctoral school
  • 25 research groups
  • 5 research institutes
  • 15 company-sponsored Chairs
  • 4 sponsored classrooms
  • Projects:  21 competitive and 57 non-competitive
  • Researchers: 295 permanent teachers and researchers, 227 associate teachers and researchers, and 17 teachers and researchers who are also holders of grants.

As a result, through our research, we have made a contribution to the development of science, technology and a higher standard of life.

To carry out this mission, UIC Barcelona receives support from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which provide funding for projects undertaken by university knowledge transfer and valorisation units.

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