BioSafety Committee (CBioS)

Comité de bioseguretat CBIOS

Who are we?

The Biosafety Committee was established in October 2018 with the aim of preventing and protecting people’s health and the environment against agents, factors and risks of biological origin. In the CBIOS, a group of UIC Barcelona experts and researchers work to ensure that the organisational measures, work protocols and the design of the facilities meet the legal regulations with regards to safety.



  • Rut Fadó Andrés, Holder of a PhD in biochemistry and researcher at the NeuroLipid Group.


  • Noelia Nogales Gadea, Holder of a degree in Biology. Technical Secretary of the Ethics Committees of UIC Barcelona (CEIm, CER, CEA) and CBioS.


  • Carmen Rodriguez Martínez. Holder of a degree in Biology. Head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit.
  • Marta Pérez Montero. Holder of a degree in Biology. Laboratory technician at the Department of Basic Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 
  • Begoña Maria Bosch Canals, Holder of a PhD in Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine and researcher at the Bioengineering Institute of Technology.

What do we do?

The main responsibilities of the CBioS are: 

  • Advise, review and approve protocols, work regulations and risk assessments regarding biological agents and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Previously and regularly assess the adequacy of the facilities, measures and procedures used in the handling, transport and elimination of these agents
  • Inform the competent authorities of the use of these agents 


At the CBIOS, we work to ensure that both research and teaching practice that requires the use of biological agents or GMOs are carried out in compliance with safety regulation. For this reason, researchers and teachers must notify the CBIOS of any procedure or protocol that they wish to develop in UIC Barcelona with these agents, as follows:

cbios flowchart


Ordinary meetings are held once per quarter and the extraordinary meetings are held within approximately 15 days after receiving any procedure/ project that requires advice and/or evaluation by the BIOS.


Currently, the UIC Barcelona Sant Cugat Campus is equipped with 2 research laboratories and 3 laboratories for practical teaching activities, for Bachelor’s degrees in the health field.


  • Basic Science Laboratory (330m2 main laboratory, 2 cultures laboratories and 4 Class 2 biosecurity cabinets)
  • Bioengineering Laboratory (180m2 main laboratory, 1 culture laboratory and 4 Class 2 biosecurity cabinets)
  • New! New Biomedicine laboratory under construction (180m2 main laboratory and a cultures laboratory with capacity for 3 Class 2 biosecurity hoods and a horizontal flow hoods for primary crops)


At the CBIOS we seek to contribute to the development of policies and codes of good practices related to biological risk: We protect your health and everyone's health!

  • Action in the event of an accident
  • Action in the event of an accident in the laboratory
  • Internal regulations for culture laboratories
  • Safety regulations for a class 2 laboratory
  • Safety directives in the event of an accident with biological agents
  • New! Prevention within the laboratory in the context of COVID19


Noelia Nogales
T: 93 504 20 00