Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

First steps at the university

The first year at university is extremely important in terms integrating into the university system and successfully continuing at the University over the next few years.

With this in mind, we organise a number of initiatives to ensure a speedy integration: the Welcome Session for New Students, the Welcome Session for Family Members of New Students and the Welcome Programme for International Students.

And to make sure everything goes smoothly, we provide a series of highly useful tools: the username and password for your personal portal on the UIC Barcelona Intranet, a university e-mail address, student card, personal adviser and all the information you need to move about the university.

Welcome Session for New Students

To adjust to life at the university and get to know it first-hand, be sure to attend the welcome sessions and take part in the welcome programme

Useful tools

You will find the tools you need to complete the basic formalities at UIC Barcelona. You will use them throughout your time at the University