Aula Magna

Its amphitheatre design provides the audience with an excellent view from anywhere in the hall, and the stage can accommodate a presidential table seating six people (6.7m x 0.7m) along with a freestanding pulpit.

Absorbent ceiling panels, perforated wood flooring and grey fitted carpeting guarantee high fidelity acoustics. The two speakers on the steps, and the eight spread throughout the hall are reinforced by two audio monitors on the presidential table and three speakers on the stage. The mixing table controls six microphones on the table, one on the podium, and one wireless microphone. The system is compatible with multiple mediums (Audio CDs, Mp3s, cassettes, etc.).

There are also three well equipped listening booths designed for simultaneous translation services.

In terms of video equipment, there are three 4,000 lumen projectors which enable video to be shown on three screens, using a single feed or three independent video or PC signals. The system is compatible with all formats: DVD, VHS, SVHS, BETACAM, DVCAM, etc.

Events can be recorded in different formats (DVD, VHS, DVCAM). The room also offers two remote-control cameras and a fixed camera, providing control over the images captured. This allows for production and performance in real time through a video mixing desk.

Computer and/or video signals may be transmitted from the presidential table to the adjoining rooms via Multicast broadcasting.

The ceiling grid lighting fixture provides endless possibilities in terms of spotlighting and lighting design.

The facility can also accommodate other kinds of equipment, such as:

  • wireless devices (laser pointers, remote control slide systems, time control systems, etc.)
  • transparency and film projectors
  • equipment for static, image or PowerPoint projections
  • equipment for multi-screen projections (maximum of three screens)