Grants from other institutions

UIC Barcelona is committed to ensuring that nobody with a true aptitude and zest for learning should have to drop out of a degree for financial reasons. Student Services offers information and personalised assistance so that students can access these grants and financial aid. 

Here, you can consult the rules for grants and financial aid.

Public grants

1. General grant from the Ministry of Education (or AGAUR)

For university bachelor's and master's degree students

Aimed at students in Spain who are studying or about to study for a university degree or master's degree, except for students from the Basque Country, who have their own call for applications.

In Catalonia, the grant can be processed through the AGAUR (Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants), which manages grants from the Ministry of Education in Catalonia.

Those who study at a university in an autonomous community other than their family home must apply for the grant from the Ministry of Education, except for those in the Basque Country, which have their own call for applications. 

Students must comply with the established deadlines, apply for the grant each year and pay the tuition fees for the academic year for which they are applying for the grant; if the decision on the grant application is favourable, the University will reimburse the amount of the grant awarded.

Students must submit proof to Student Services of having applied for the grant and having provided the documentation required.

2. MAEC-AECID grants programmes

For citizens of Latin American, African and Asian countries

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Cooperation and the Agency for International Development Cooperation announces MAEC-AECID grant programmes for citizens from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

3. Basque Government Grants

For students from the Basque Country

Grants for higher education students with administrative residence in the Basque Country, who want to do university or higher education studies in a centre located in the territory of this autonomous community or in the rest of Spain. Grants for university and other higher education studies.

4. University grants from the Government of Navarre

For students from Navarre 

Aimed at students registered in Navarre enrolled in official undergraduate or master's degree programmes at Spanish universities.

This grant helps students to pay for the costs of tuition and offers various types of grants such as for tuition, housing, transport, canteen, academic transcript, extraordinary endowment and aid for digitalisation.

The grants are complementary to those offered by the Ministry of Education and it is a requirement to apply for the grant from the Ministry of Education

5. Grants from other autonomous communities

You can check with your autonomous community to see if they offer grants for university studies outside the community in question.

Grants from other institutions

1. Santander grants

Discover here all the university grants opportunities offered by Banco Santander.

2. Dádoris Awards

For students with financial needs and good academic records

The Dádoris Foundation offers an annual call for Merit and Leadership Awards to support talented young people with excellent academic results and without financial means.

3. Healthcare Grants

For master's and postgraduate studies in the field of healthcare

Asistencia Sanitaria announces its grants programme for master's or postgraduate studies in the field of health at Catalan universities.

The global endowment of the programme is 30,000 euros, which will be distributed among the grant holders according to the amount assigned to each one, which will correspond to 50% of the amount of the tuition fees of their study programme. In no case will the amount of the grant exceed 1,000 euros per student.

Grants programme for health professionals, 16th edition