Research Ethics Committee (CER)

The Research Ethics Committee was approved by the Board of Governors’ Executive Committee on 9 May 2011, to ensure that all in research projects undertaken at UIC Barcelona institutional values would be respected as well as the UIC’s Code of Good Scientific Practices.

Since then, the CER has focused on continuing to promote the dissemination of its mission throughout all the faculties at UIC Barcelona, and is in charge of evaluating ethics in final degree projects, final master’s degree projects, doctoral theses and research projects across the university in which individual people participate, either via questionnaires or interventions, or in which animal experimentation or biological material that can affect the environment is used.

A favourable ruling from the research ethics committee is a requisite that has been legally established when starting any research projects involving human beings and/or personal data, and is a guarantee of compliance with the ethical rules and quality standards demanded by scientific journals, in order to be able to publish, as well as the regulations for the various calls for funding research projects.

The CER consists of a president, a technical secretary and a teaching and research staff member (PDI) for each area of knowledge.



  • Dr  Josep Mª Guardiola Tey, Internal medicine doctor, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.


  • Ms Noelia Nogales, Technical secretary for the CEA, CER and the CEIm


  • Dr Magdalena Bosch Rabell, Faculty of Humanities
  • Dr Sílvia Albareda Tiana, Faculty of Education/Sustainability Office
  • Dr Maria Fernández Arrojo, Faculty of Law
  • Dr David Tanganelli, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences
  • Dr Josep M. Serra Renom, Department of Medicine/Quirón Hospital
  • Dr Albert Gallart Fernández-Puebla, Department of Nursing
  • Dr Rosa Maria Cabanas Valdés, Department of Physiotherapy
  • Dr Josep Clotet Erra, Department of Basic Sciences / Expert in animal research
  • Dr Lluís Giner Tarrida, Department of Dentistry/ Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
  • Dr Maria Fernández Capo, Department of Basic Sciences
  • Dr Pedro Casariego Vales, Department of Architecture

Contact details

Research Ethics Committee

Noelia Nogales

Technical secretary

Tel.: 93 504 20 00.

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