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Accommodation recommendations

It’s important to note that in Spain universities do not make accommodation contracts for their students. However, they do offer advice to help you search.

To find accommodation in Barcelona, ​​whether you are looking for a halls of residence or decide to find a flat or room on your own, please find these recommendations:

  • Do not leave it until the last minute, start searching early. The search for accommodation and the admission process must be done in parallel.
  • Take into account the location, and check that it is well-linked with public transport that allows you to get to the university.
  • Make sure the room or apartment are in good condition and the details or photos that are shown to you are true
  • Prioritize those places where there is an environment supporting study and a good atmosphere.
  • When signing a contract (both in an apartment and in a college or halls of residence), read the contract carefully and clarify any doubts you have before signing it.
  • Do not make any advance payments before signing the contract.

When looking for accommodation, remember which campus you will study on: the Barcelona Campus or the Sant Cugat Campus.

All-Female Housing

All-Male Housing

Co-Ed Housing

The "Living Together" social programme

Finding flats and/or residences