Report: "Older Parents, Generations and Family Solidarity"
Natalie Bonelli
Natalie Bonelli, nurse, married and mother of one. e-MEF Alumni 2014
This programme has helped me to refocus my priorities and find a better work-family life balance.
I have learned that marriage is, above all, a decision you make, and that all you have to do next is work out how to make it grow.
This online course has made it easier for me to involve my husband, Bernhard, and I’ve been applying what we learn during the programme to my family life.
Magda Minguet
Magda Minguet, journalist, teacher, married and mother of three. MEF Alumni 2007
We seem to be rushing around all the time; sometimes daily life forces us to become ‘microwave parents’. This programme has helped me refocus my attention on my family and better prepare for tutorials with parents and meetings with families at the school where I work.
The programme’s content goes beyond your personal-family environment, since anyone could apply the things we learn to their daily life. I’m aware that school and family have the same destination in mind, but to get there, we teachers need solid training and constant refreshers.
Before becoming a mother, I had a lot of theories about education, but they all go out the window when your children come along. 
Sometimes the daily grind forces you to become ‘microwave parents’ - we want to nourish our children as best we can, but sometimes we simply don’t have enough time.