More than fifty UIC Barcelona students participate in workshops on building healthy relationships
The UIC Barcelona Equality and Inclusion Unit cooperated and supported the workshops organised by Belén Zárate, lecturer for the Faculty of Law and the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) Workshops in the two editions held brought together from students from ADE, Communication, Architecture, Law and Humanities on the Barcelona Campus, and from Psychology and Medicine on the Sant Cugat Campus.
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The Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation strengthens its commitment to the UIC Barcelona Childcare & Family Policies Chair
Thanks to the new commitments made, the Chair will be able to carry out research projects on family-school relations. Specifically, a master's degree programme will be launched for teacher training, which will offer tools for supporting families from school, as well as for the conflict resolution in the educational setting. The Foundation will help to make the impact of this training broad by providing grants to take it.
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Consuelo León, researcher at IESF UIC Barcelona, winner of the 2022 Alares Awards
Consuelo León, researcher at the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) and director of the Postgraduate Degree in Family Policies, was awarded the 2022 Alares Award for Family, Work and Personal Life Balance and the Promotion of Social and Joint Responsibility. León was selected in the “Universities and Business Schools” category that recognises faculty and research staff.
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Montserrat Gas re-elected to the ODIHR panel of experts on freedom of religion and beliefs
The vice-dean of the Faculty of Law and director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies will extend her mandate until 2025 in the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
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Experts on families talk about the various aspects discussed over the last few days at the First International Workshop on Family Support
Over 50 speakers, more than 500 attendees from all over the world and over 300 online participants form part of the 1st International Workshop on Family Support, held on 13, 14 and 15 May. The aim of the congress, organised by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies at UIC Barcelona, is to become a meeting point and forum for reflection on family support for people who dedicate or want to dedicate themselves to this highly important task. For a summary of the event and statements by some of the speakers, we invite you to watch the following videos:
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Mariolina Ceriotti says it is possible to have “a family bond from a place of freedom”
More than 500 attendees and 50 nationalities have arrived today and will stay until 15 May at UIC Barcelona. The objective is to talk about family and facilitate the training of those who are already dedicated to, or wish to dedicate themselves, to the task of family support
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The pre-conference of the First International Workshop on Family Support asks the question: is the family counter-cultural?
The conference pre-session hosted an expert panel with Enrique García-Máiquez, Pedro Herrero Mestre and Teresa Gutiérrez de Cabiedes, and began with a monologue from the comedian Andrés Torres, who presented part of his show Los hijos, el club de los malos padres
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Over 500 participants from 50 countries around the world gather at UIC Barcelona to talk about family and family support
The First International Workshop on Family Support will take place from 13 to 15 May. The conference is organised by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF), as part of the celebrations of the Year of the Family, Amoris Laetitia, as proclaimed by Pope Francis. The aim is to facilitate training for people who are either already involved, or who would like to devote themselves to the important task of family support.
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Young people, family and future: the third IESF webinar addresses the challenges and needs of supporting the youngest members of the family
More than a hundred people from 35 different countries participated in the third preparatory online seminar, part of the 1st International Workshop on Family Support (13, 14 and 15 May) organised by the Institute of Advanced Family Studies, which took place on 10 March
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