The School of Architecture of the UIC Barcelona has obtained Llavor(Seed) project funding to improve digitalisation in the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).

The project was awarded funding by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) of the Catalan government within the framework of the 2023 call for Knowledge Industry Grants (IDC), and is led by teachers and researchers Diego Navarro and Oriol Carrasco.

The lecturers and researchers of the School of Architecture of UIC Barcelona, Diego Navarro and Oriol Carrasco, have obtained funding in the Llavor category in the 2023 call for Knowledge Industry Grants (IDC). The project aims to revolutionise the way construction projects are designed and executed.

Given the discrepancies between digital design and workflow in current constructions, process automation is presented as one of the fundamental pillars to expand the capabilities of the traditional Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a collaborative work methodology applied to the construction sector to facilitate the management of engineering, architecture and construction projects.

"It is expected that these measures will have a significant impact on the sector, facilitating more efficient projects without renouncing complexity, and thus promoting the transition to the fourth industrial revolution", explained researcher Diego Navarro. Oriol Carrasco also commented that "making advanced methodologies accessible to various stakeholders promotes transparency, collaboration and unification in the industry".

This project is one of the three Llavor projects that the University received funding for in the 2023 IDC call. In total, UIC Barcelona has been awarded funding for six projects in this call; three in the Llavor category and three in the Product category, with a total amount of €470,500.