Drug Research Ethics Committee (CEIm)


The University Dental Clinic (CUO) is a service that UIC Barcelona places at the disposal of Faculty of Dentistry students so they can receive comprehensive training while undertaking their studies.

In recent years the CUO has seen its research grow based on a high number of clinical trials and other research projects.  For these reasons, it incorporated an Ethical Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC), accredited by the Department of Health and Social Security in the Catalan Government, with the aim of evaluating research projects to ensure patients’ rights and ethics are respected in research.

On May 23, 2018, the CEIC was accredited to Drug Research Ethics Committee (CEIm), to be able to issue an opinion in clinical studies with medicines and in clinical research with medical devices (PS).

The CEIm is an independent body that ensures clinical trials are carried out properly, expresses an opinion on trial protocols, the suitability of researchers and facilities and of the methods and documents to be used to inform trial subjects and obtain their informed consent.

The main duties of the CEIm include:

  1. Evaluating the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of clinical trials.
  2. Evaluating important modifications to authorised clinical trials.  
  3. Monitoring the trials, from the beginning through to receipt of the final report.

Finally, we must add that another of the objectives of the CEIm is to acquire knowledge about the validity and consistency of the research, in order to understand the world we live in, and if possible, ensure we can live in it in a better way.


Dr. J. Manuel Ribera Uribe, dentist and stomatologist


Dr. Pau Ferrer Salvans, medical doctor and clinical pharmacologist

Technical Secretary

Ms. Noelia Nogales Gadea, biologist


  • Ms. Klaudia Oboloñczyk, primary care pharmacist
  • Ms. Cristina Roure Nuez, hospital pharmacy pharmacist
  • Dr. Joan Janáriz Roldán, internist and oncologist
  • Dr. Andreu Hernando Chaure, law Graduate
  • Dr. Laia Wennberg Capellades, Nurse
  • Mr. Antonio Alcáraz Gibert, lay member
  • Ms. María del Carmen García, User attention unit
  • Mr. David Gómez Zaragoza, DPD and law
  • Dr. Josep Argemí, paediatrician
  • Dr. Rosa María Cabanas Valdés, physiotherapist
  • Dr. José Antonio Delgado García-Menocal, chemistry Graduate

Evaluation Fees

CEIm of the University Clinic of Dentistry, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya  

Type of study


UIC study without external funding
UIC study without external funding
Clinical trials with medicines or healthcare products0 €€1,500 (excluding VAT)
Observational studies and research projects0 €€1,000 (excluding VAT)
Substantial amendments0 €€250 (excluding VAT)
Non-substantial amendments0 €€100 (excluding VAT)


Contact details

Drug Research Ethics Committee


Noelia Nogales

Secretaria técnica

Tel.: 93 504 20 00