Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Students clubs

Clubs are groups of students with common interests that aim to improve the university experience, complement what has been learned in the classroom, serve the University or society and promote the development of initiatives proposed and led by the students themselves.

There are two types of clubs:

  1. General clubs: promote transversal content initiatives.
  2. Specific clubs: promote content initiatives linked to studies or a specific field of knowledge.

For a group of students to be considered a UIC Barcelona club they must:

  • Legitimately establish the club in accordance with the regulations that govern clubs.
  • Submit the corresponding documentation to be approved by the Governing Board.
  • Develop their activities within the scope of the university.


If you and your friends or classmates want to establish a club, come to Student Services and we will help you with the process. You will find the documents for this on the intranet (regulations, application form, etc.).

Once the club is approved, Student Services or the faculty will give you support to carry out your activities, but the initiative must always be yours.

You always have the option of joining one of the existing UIC Barcelona clubs.