Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

UIC Barcelona Summer Programme

Welcome to UIC Barcelona Summer Programme 2024


Barcelona Unveiled - A Mediterranean Tapestry of Art, Architecture, and Culture

This multi-faceted programme aims to provide both international and local students with an in-depth understanding of Barcelona’s rich heritage by exploring its art history, architecture and the unique cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean region. 

Summer Programme UIC Barcelona

Why choose the UIC Barcelona Summer Programme?

  1. Students come first and are the heart of UIC Barcelona.
  2. International immersion: fostering cross-cultural connections among local and international students
  3. Renowned teaching staff with a broad international background.
  4. Theory lessons are combined with field trips.
  5. Flexible Learning Paths: Customise your summer with a flexible programme that can be seamlessly combined with different courses, aligning with your specific academic needs.
  6. Tailored student support.
  7. Prime Campus Location
  8. All-round Experience: Enhance your stay with optional accommodation and cultural activities.

Who is the course aimed at?

International and local students from any discipline.


The programme will be taught entirely in English.

A minimum of B2 English level is required for non-native students


Students may choose to enrol for the entire programme (3 weeks) or for individual weeks:


How to apply?

Choose your combination and complete the application process by 15 May 2024

Full programme: week 1 + week 2 + week 31-19 July 20246
Week 11-5 July 20242
Week 28-12 July 20242
Week 315-19 July 20242
Week 1 + Week 21-12 July 20244
Week 2 + Week 38-19 July 20244
Week 1 + Week 31-5 and 15-19 July  20244

Optional services available

  • Accommodation: Homestays or shared apartments
  • Additional cultural activities


Please note that these services are managed by an external collaborating company and are not the responsibility of UIC Barcelona.

If you are interested in any of these optional services, please submit this this form for more information



Email:  summer@uic.es 
WhatsApp: +34 657369544