Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Student Representatives

Delegates and Student Council

Delegates and sub-delegates

Delegates are an essential vehicle for student participation and contribute to improving relationships with teaching staff and the university’s governing bodies. There is a lot to talk about! Participation starts in the classroom!

Delegates will hold their status from the moment they are elected until the following elections.

Delegate Election Campaign 

From 1 to 27 of september

Delegates from each degree programme, convened by Student Services, will democratically elect a single representative for their degree programme who will automatically become part of their campus’s Student Council as a degree programme spokesperson.

The Student Council

The Student Council is a collegiate body made up of representatives from each of the university’s degree programmes.

It serves to strengthen university life and acts as an intermediary between students and university services by gathering ideas, suggestions, proposals, initiatives and concerns that students have and want to take further.

Who chooses the Council members?

The university students choose their class delegates through a democratic voting process.

Delegates vote for a single representative for each degree. The representative chosen will  join the Student Council as degree spokesperson. The degree spokespersons will then vote, in democratic manner, for the president, vice-president and secretary of the Council on each campus.

How do I contact the Council?

If you want to make a proposal to the Council, you can:

  1. Get in touch with the Student Council on your campus by writing to their e-mail account
  2. Get in touch with the council member for your degree (degree spokesperson)
  3. You can make your proposals through your class delegate or the Student Services officer on your campus.