Student Guidance

At UIC Barcelona, we offer our students a variety of services to help them grow both personally and professionally. One way we do this is through our Student Guidance service, which we have provided year after year since we opened our doors. 

Guidance from the university

The guidance model we offer at the university is unique and a great reflection of our institution. It is a personalised student support service provided by an advisor who’s aim is to:

  1. Accompany students one-on-one through the first stages of university life and during their first few years.
  2. Inform students about university life, such as the university’s values and distinctive characteristics.
  3. Educate students as they develop their personal and social skills, abilities and attitudes.
  4. Help guide their academic or research plan throughout their time at UIC Barcelona.
  5. Offer professional guidance.

Our advisors

Advisors are normally lecturers from the student's bachelor’s degree programme. UIC Barcelona also works with external professionals who are not necessarily teachers, but who have express training and knowledge suited to accompanying and advising each of our university students.

How does it work

The guidance process is an academic, professional and personal encounter, which unlike academic tutorials, helps students to discover new possibilities for their future and take full advantage of their university experience.

Every student enrolled at UIC Barcelona is assigned an advisor (advisors are assigned a maximum of 10 students), with whom they will meet around three times a year to develop a confidential dialogue.  As such, students will have the chance to express their concerns and pose questions to their advisor.

In return, the professionals will guide students to the best of their abilities and help them overcome any academic, professional and personal challenges that may arise during their time at the university. 

Basic data


Barcelona campus Beta Buildings

C/ de la Immaculada, 22

08017 Barcelona

How to arrive

Bus (TMB)

  • Passeig de la Bonanova: 70, 75, 123, H4 or V11
  • Ronda de Dalt: 60
  • Carrer Iradier: V9

Train (FGC)

Government of Catalonia railway (Ferrocarrils), Sarrià station
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  • Mònica Argemí
  • Marianna Zanuy


(+34) 93 254 18 00