Language learning

Language courses

Notes for exchange/visiting students

The Department of Applied Linguistics provides support for the University community members wishing to improve their knowledge of languages, and to international students needing to learn or improve their Spanish and English skills and other foreign language skills, or wanting to learn Catalan language and culture. A wide range of courses are on offer to all our international students: Classroom-based, blended and online courses. Erasmus+ students are given a reduced price for these courses.

The Department of Applied Linguistics also offers UIC Barcelona students free language advice, tests to find out their language level, information on resources for self-learning, and conversation groups, a language exchange partners programme and activities to foster culture and multilingualism. In addition, at UIC Barcelona you can obtain official certificates for your level of English and Catalan.

How can you sign up for a language course?

To enrol for a language course at UIC Barcelona, use the online forms that you’ll find on the web of the  Department of Applied Linguistics. On the web, you’ll find a list of the course codes, which you can use if you need to include a code in your learning agreement.


For all the language courses you take at UIC Barcelona you’ll receive a grade, except for the introductory Catalan course "Welcome to UIC Barcelona", for which you’ll only obtain an attendance certificate, and the credits. If you are a first semester student and you take an online course, bear in mind that the course records are closed in June. In this case, when you finish your course, you'll be issued a certificate, stating the number of course credits and your grade.

Delivery of the courses

Please be reminded that the delivery of the classroom-based courses and the blended courses is subject to a minimum number of enrolments. For this reason, it is important that you don't include the course in your learning agreement until it is confirmed that the course will run. If a course does not run due to insufficient enrolments, you will always have the option of doing the same level course online, as this does not require a minimum number of students.

For more information, please visit our website Department of Applied Linguistics or send an e-mail to