Scientific production

Producció científica

DRAC is a CRIS (Current Research Information System) program used at UIC Barcelona to manage, disseminate and evaluate scientific production at the university.


The programme’s services include:

  • The dissemination of academic activities at UIC Barcelona and the extraction of data to be added the Research Portal for Catalonia.
  • The creation of professor’s/lecturer’s individual webpages.
  • The creation of official CVs. The DRAC program facilitates the generation of official CVN and CVA and activities to be downloaded using AQU Reader, and in Search and Advanced Search formats.
  • The exportation of activities to the Fecyt platform to then be edited.
  • Writing departmental reports.
  • Writing reports on AGAUR Research Groups (SGR).
  • Help to evaluate AQU periods (six-year research periods). Using the Research Portal authors can find information about their contributions directly through the AQU application for six-year research periods.
  • An introduction to the bibliometric indicators of the WOS and Scopus databases.