Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is a private non-profit foundation which, backed by the Fundación Familiar Catalana, began operating in 1997. It is committed to helping society through training, research, transfer of knowledge, innovation, and promotion of culture, solidarity and sustainability.

The UIC offers its students a personalised and well-rounded education, providing them with the skills necessary to enter the job market, not just as good professionals, but also as excellent people.

The University is defined by its unique traits of seeking the truth with intellectual rigour through scientific research and knowledge, promotion of the culture of hard work and personal growth, job satisfaction, a spirit of service and striving for excellence.

With its goal of ongoing improvement, the UIC’s activity is based on four basic values:

  1. Understanding the person as centre of all behaviour and thus promoting personal relationships based on dialogue, respect, trust and loyalty, to encourage all members of the university community to strive for excellence.
  2. Seeking the truth, with an open attitude and interest in sharing knowledge with a spirit of collaboration.
  3. Committing and contributing to better development of today’s society; playing an active role in the working world, in human progress, and encouraging an attitude of service towards others and solidarity.
  4. Promoting the professional prestige of the persons making up the university community, promoting a spirit of personal growth, initiative, hard work, responsibility and ethical behaviour. All of these factors enable development of the social dimension of the person.