Canal Obert

We are listening

Welcome to the UIC Barcelona Canal Obert

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya has set up a new communication channel available to the whole university community. It can be used for providing details about any information or irregular conduct that may occur within the field of the University that may result in a violation of the legal or regulatory rules that apply in the scope of this community.  

This channel is aimed at everyone who is part of the university community of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, and its environment, directly or indirectly. It is governed by the UIC Barcelona Canal Obert regulations, and by all legal and regulatory regulations that are applicable where appropriate.

It is direct, two-way, secure, confidential and completely anonymous communication channel within the digital environment for anyone who wishes to use it. You can access the channel in the following ways: starting the process through the Canal Obert or by sending an email to to send information about the activity, behaviour or circumstance you wish to communicate. You may also request a face-to-face meeting, a video conference or a telephone conversation.

The UIC Barcelona Canal Obert is aligned with contributing to compliance with the legal norms and rules and principles of good governance of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya; thereby improving relationships within the University community and avoiding any kind of conflict. It also aims to encourage ethical behaviour and practice among those who make up the university community. The objective is to facilitate universal participation and enhance transparency in every action that takes place at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and in its environment.

This is a private sector internal information system. This channel is not a tool for presenting formal accusations, nor is it a channel for airing grievances, suggestions, service incidents or complaints: other communication systems are already enabled for these purposes. Applicable legislation has established the existence of an independent authority for the protection of informants of a public nature. Among other purposes, it receives any communications that informants may make about the commission itself due to any irregular act or omission on the matter of application of regulations. In Catalonia, this administrative authority is the Anti-Fraud Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Ribes, number 1-3 (08013 Barcelona).