UIC Barcelona, International University

At the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, UIC Barcelona, our mission is to transform the world and society through the transfer of knowledge. As a result, UIC Barcelona students are service-minded and dedicated to change and continuous learning thanks to their transformative vision and responsiveness to change and global needs.

At UIC Barcelona you will find a large community of students and lecturers who will not only provide you the necessary technical knowledge, but also a multicultural and inclusive international perspective.

On our campuses, students of more than 99 different nationalities live side by side, generating a rich cultural diversity that is part of the students’ formative learning process. Likewise, as a student at UIC Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to take part in one or more mobility programmes during your studies, thanks to our network of over 300 exchange agreements with universities across the world.

Our students want to change the world and make a difference as part of a global society. They inspire and drive change.

At UIC Barcelona, we promote each student’s personal journey and strengthen their skills and abilities from a unique, individual perspective.

We educate future professionals through academic rigour, humanism, entrepreneurship and an international outlook, combining diversity and top level learning with one goal in mind: to help you reach your goals.

Welcome to the project of your life. Welcome to UIC Barcelona.