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We contribute to the development of science, technology and improved quality of life.

One of the objectives of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) is to become consolidated as a research university. Since it was founded in 1997, UIC Barcelona has been carrying out research and knowledge transfer plan, which has allowed it to become established in a competitive environment that is comparable to other universities of similar characteristics and dimensions.

 The Vice-Rectorate for Research, Innovation, and the Transfer of Knowledge (VRIT), through the Knowledge Transfer and Valorisation Centre, manages all activities related to the generation and transfer of knowledge in the University. VRIT is also responsible for the Doctoral School and the UIC Barcelona Library.

Research at UIC Barcelona focuses on Medical and Healthcare Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Architecture. 

The coordination of the research and knowledge transfer activities is undertaken in a network of research groups, company-sponsored Chairs and classrooms, and research institutes in all these fields of knowledge.

UIC Barcelona recently earned a €404.461,60 grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for projects led by university knowledge transfer and valorisation units.

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We contribute to the development of science, technology and improved quality of life.


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Scientific Policy

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UIC Barcelona has been recognised with a HR seal of excellence (HR Excellence in Research). This seal, which is awarded by the General Directorate for Research and Innovation in the European Commission, distinguishes the universities and institutions that provide support to create an environment that is stimulating and favourable to research.

To carry out its research and knowledge transfer plan, UIC Barcelona has the support of the following institutions:


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