Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences undergoing accreditation

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FCES) is involved in the accreditation process of the following degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management; University Master’s Degree in Business Management and Production Systems; and University Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Financing: Venture Capital and Private Equity. This process is described in the Framework for the Verification, Monitoring, Modification and Accreditation of official degree programmes (MVSMA) established by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency, AQU Catalunya.

On 9 and 10 May an External Evaluation Committee set up by AQU Catalunya will visit UIC Barcelona to evaluate the development of the degree in situ. Specifically, the purpose of the accreditation visit is:

  • to ensure the quality of the academic programmes offered, according to the levels of qualification established and the criteria of the regulations in force;
  • to guarantee that there is viable and reliable information which helps in the decisions of the users of the university system, and
  • to facilitate the internal processes aimed at improving the quality of the programmes and services available at Catalan universities.

The autonomous report carried out and presented during the accreditation process will be made available to the wider educational community on UIC Barcelona's Educational Standards webpage. Anyone wishing to view the report and comment on it, may do so. Comments should be sent to the following email address: siqe@uic.es.

In addition to other types of scheduled hearings, there will be a public hearing that may be attended by people interested in expressing their opinion about the bachelor’s and university master’s degree programmes of the faculty.

The public hearing will take place on 10 May at 11.15 a.m. in the Sala de Juntas in the Rector's Office.

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