I. Family Policies

Parenting and work-life balance policies
Project leader: Rita Cavallotti, PhD

Diagnosis and evaluation of family policies in Catalonia. Family Policies Observatory.
Project leader: Consuelo León, PhD

Family policies compared - World Family Map Project
Project leader: Marc Grau Grau

II. Family and Education (IESF - Faculty of Education)

The family as a field of education
Project leaders: Montserrat Gas, PhD and Maria Pilar Lacorte

Family resilience: strengths and skills in families
Project leader: Ignasi de Bofarull, PhD

Family School Interaction
Project leader: Asunción Verdera , PhD

Family, education and gender
Project leaders: Jaume Camps, PhD

III. Family and Health (IESF - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Family-centred care
Project leader: Pilar Fuster

The family and caring for dependants
Project leader: María Ángeles de Juan, PhD

IV. Child and Family Law (IESF - Faculty of Law)

Family and dependence
Project leader: Belen Zárate, PhD