Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

About us

The Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) was founded in 2004 by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya together with support from the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation.

It is the first university-level institution in Spain to focus exclusively on family policy.

Family policy is now a major area of study throughout Europe and prestigious research institutes and entities specialised in this field have been established in numerous countries. Family policy education has a great influence on the nature of family-related policies, on both national and international levels.

The IESF responds to the need felt by many social agents (public administrations, trade unions, companies and associations) that look to the Institution for efficient collaboration as well as scientific and interdisciplinary assistance in the founding and shaping of family policy.

The IESF is the first family-focused Institute to incorporate activities carried out by FERT, an organisation for parent education with over 30 years of experience directing Family Enrichment Programmes and working closely with thousands of families over the years.

Research, training, transmission of knowledge, teamwork, international vocation and consultancy with both public and private entities are among the IESF's daily endeavours.




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