The Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation strengthens its commitment to the UIC Barcelona Childcare & Family Policies Chair

Thanks to the new commitments made, the Chair will be able to carry out research projects on family-school relations. Specifically, a master's degree programme will be launched for teacher training, which will offer tools for supporting families from school, as well as for the conflict resolution in the educational setting. The Foundation will help to make the impact of this training broad by providing grants to take it.

The aim of the Chair, directed by Montserrat Gas, is to encourage the interdisciplinary analysis of the situation of children in the context of profound family, educational and technological changes. To this end, the attention is focused on the importance of the quality of relations between parents and children and its effects.

The research carried out revolves around three fundamental axes: childhood, family-school relationships and family policies. The projects that have been developed in recent years have to do with new parenthood, spending time with children, the phenomenon of bullying and its connections with the family environment, family resilience in times of COVID-2019, etc. As a result of rigorous research work, the Chair proposes improvements in public policies for childcare in the family context.

Created in 2017, the Childcare & Family Policies Chair, formerly Family Policy Classroom before 2013, has followed an upward trend in academic publications, dissemination activities and knowledge transfer through conferences, seminars and training courses.

The Chair collaborates with other national and international chairs and institution. Two doctoral theses on family policies are currently under way, and its journal Quaderns de Politiques familiars-Journal of Family Policies is indexed in several databases.

The growth of the Chair over the last ten years has been possible thanks to the joint collaboration between the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation and the Institute for Advanced Family Studied. This research centre is now consolidated with the signing of a new agreement that provides greater stability and extends the annual endowment from the Foundation.

The Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation is committed to a society that allows people to generate personal, social and professional development opportunities. With this goal in mind, the Foundation funds and engages in social inclusion and social and corporate research sponsorship programmes. Since 2001, it has cooperated with a number of institutions and is currently involved in more than twenty projects.

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