Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture + UCLA Extension Certificate Programme

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Programme advantages

  1. Prestige of the University of California, Los Angeles Extension. You will study at a university which is in the top ten for architecture in the world
  2. The UCLA Extension Programmes are equivalent to a postgraduate degree in Spain.
  3. Teaching methodology. You will have access to academic programmes taught by experts in their respective fields.
  4. In-company internships. You will have the option to complete internships in the industry during your studies in Los Angeles.
  5. International outlook. You will be able to work for a year anywhere in the United States thanks to your Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa.
  6. Networking. You will make contacts among professionals in your field which will help you access the labor market in the United States.

Certificate Programme

The prestigious University of California, Los Angeles Extension offers you the chance to specialise in Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management and Design Communication Arts. Once you have completed your degree studies at UIC Barcelona you will be able to take one of the aforementioned three programmes at this North American university. This is a specialisation programme equivalent to a Spanish postgraduate degree. Also, many of these include the opportunity to undertake curricular internships while studying in the United States.

Prerequisites & admissions

Application for admission

In order to start your studies, you must inform the international programme coordinator in the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture

Carmen Mendoza Arroyo


Required documentation

A Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from UIC Barcelona and other requirements.

Reservation and enrolment

Grants & financial aid

In addition to our agreement with UCLA for a 10% discount on tuition fees for all our students, UIC Barcelona also grants three € 2,000 scholarships.