UIC Barcelona celebrates Radio Day with a meeting with journalists from different stations

Periodistes de diferents mitjans radiofònics van tenir ahir una trobada amb els alumnes de la Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació per celebrar el Dia Internacional de la Ràdio. En una sessió telemàtica i presencial, en la qual també van participar tres alumni, es va fer un repàs als diferents models radiofònics i es va parlar del present i el futur d’aquest mitjà de comunicació

The event was divided into small spaces to coincide with each type of radio and was held in one of the classrooms of the Faculty of Communication Sciences. During the session at full capacity, students from Journalism, Audiovisual Communications or Advertising and Public Relations, had the opportunity to listen to three professionals who had been in their position as students of Journalism years ago: Natàlia Sánchez (2011), Miriam Franch (2004) and Marc Jurado (2007).

The first part of the day was online and dedicated to generalist radio. Sánchez, Franc and Jurado spoke about their careers and talked about what they are most passionate about in this world: Natàlia Sánchez, of Radio 4 spoke about the radio recipe. Miriam Franch, currently in Onda Cero explained what this means to her: “What will I do that day, what topics I will address, who I will interview. This is what motivates us the most: this preparation.”

The three alumni naturally spoke of their time at the university and, among other topics that they brought up, the practical experience was the most important. Marc Jurado explained: “I entered Catalunya Radio after completing work experience there. What is true, he said was that "the radio gives you something no-one else does.”

Cultural radio, music radio and comedy radio were also discussed during the celebration of World Radio Day. In the first case, journalist Laura González of Radio 3, spoke in person, referring to the importance of cultural entertainment, because “culture is often what shakes up the conscience of the listener.”

Later, in another telematic session, UIC Barcelona students heard about the experience of five journalists from the world of musical radio: Laia Flores (Europa FM), Albert Buscarons (RAC 105), Adrià Soler (Los 40), Xavi Caminals (Cadena 100) and Héctor Huguet (Flaix FM).

Finally, the icing on the cake was the talk on comedy radio by Juan Carlos Ortega, host of “The Nights of Ortega”, on SER radio and Montse Llussa of RAC1. Among other issues, there was talk about the future of radio in the face of the growing popularity of podcasts. In this sense, the complementary nature of podcasts was discussed as “pre-packed radio”. “The podcast,” said Llussa, “is the radio you take from home and listen to whenever and wherever you want. Live radio, on the other hand, has that special characteristic immediacy.”

Pere Buhigas, lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, also referred to podcasts when he spoke in the interview published on YouTube and on different social networks, to celebrate the day. “The podcast,” he says, “has given young people new enthusiasm for the audio format and is therefore a dynamic element of radio.”

This day was to celebrate World Radio Day. We are also celebrating the centenary of radio in Spain this year. For this reason, UIC Barcelona has joined the radio marathon organised by the University of Nebrija, with all other Spanish universities. This first Interuniversity Radio Marathon will take place in November, when the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of Radio Barcelona will be celebrated.