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Teacher profile

Professor Ajudant Doctor

Departament de Ciències Econòmiques i Socials, Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Socials. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Academic curriculum
  • Doctorat en Economia University of Missouri Columbia
  • Postgrau en Social and Solidarity Economy – Cooperative Studies La Ciutat Invisible – School of Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Postgrau en Creation and Management of Businesses of Social and Solidarity Economy Barcelona School of Management


Book chapters
  • Manresa, A.; Vila-Brunet, N., (2020), "Creació i gestió d'empreses socials: Conceptes fonamentals", Creació i gestió d’empreses socials. Teoria i casos pràctics resolts, pp. 11-37, PROFIT EDITORIAL. ISBN: 978-84-18464-14-0.
  • Vila-Brunet, N.; Johnson, T.; Pender, J., (02/06/2014), "Comprehensive Wealth Accounting: Bridging Place-Based and People-Based Measures of Wealth", Rural Wealth Creation, pp. 30-55, Routledge. ISBN: 9781135121891.


  • International ICQME Conference (Quality, Management, Environment, Education, Engineering) Ponència "Quality scale of online second-hand shoppers", 2020.
  • UIC-Aracoop Conference on Social Economy and the Sustainable Development Goals Ponència "Social and Solidarity Economy in Catalonia", 2020.
  • UIC Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Research Seminar Ponència "Research trends in Social and Solidarity Economy", 2019.
  • UIC Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Research Seminar Ponència "Analysis of Second-hand market based on Collaborative Consumption perspective", 2019.
  • UIC Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Research Seminar Ponència "Intangible factors and learning capabilities that enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurship and leadership processes in satisfying consumer needs", 2018.
  • Managing in a Global Economy XVI, Eastern Academy of Management – International Conference Ponència "A Systemic Study of the Factors behind Leadership Effectiveness in Catalonia", 2015.
  • International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations Ponència "The Capacity of Entrepreneurs and Leaders for Effective Organizational Learning: An Application to Wineries", 2015.
  • Pranic Healing Research and Development Conference Ponència "The Impact of Meditation on Twin Hearts on Psychological Functioning and Quantitative EEG: A Comparison of Experienced and Non-Meditators", 2015.
  • 52nd Southern Regional Science Association Annual Meeting Ponència "Applying a Comprehensive Wealth Accounting Framework to the Bakken Shale Region", 2013.
  • Adapting to Climate Change Gaining the Advantage Conference Ponència "Electricity Generation Sustainability Index", 2012.