11th International WeCare Chair Workshop “Responding to the Wish for Death”

WeCare Chair Aula Magna - Campus Barcelona

The wish to hasten death (WTHD) is a shifting phenomenon that can often emerge in patients with advanced cancer or at certain critical moments in the process of other advanced diseases. This phenomenon is a reaction to suffering caused by many different factors and is of concern among health professionals.

There is evidence showing that a lack of adequate skills for addressing WTHD in health professionals exists, even within the field of palliative care. With this new edition of the workshop “Responding to the Wish for Death”, from the WeCare Chair we want to delve into the spiritual motivations of discomfort for patients with advanced disease, as well as providing attendees with some practical tools to address WTHD both in patients and in the family.  

Aimed at all professionals who care for patients with advanced diseases, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other health professionals, once again, the international workshop offers a space to share knowledge and experience around approaching and managing WTHD.