WeCare: End of Life Care Chair

The WeCare: End of Life Care Chair was set up based on the initiative of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences with help from Áltima and ICO, a company which is a group leader in funeral management services in the province of Barcelona. The purpose of doing so was to promote applied research that is interdisciplinary and multidimensional in nature, on end of life care for patients in the specific area of palliative care.

This Chair, directed by Dr. Josep Porta and Dr. Cristina Monforte, and coordinated by Dr. Albert Balaguer, aims to establish an area of cooperation and joint development between UIC Barcelona and Áltima, in order to carry out activities and research projects based on the needs of and care for people with advanced diseases at the end of their lives, as well as that of their family members and carers.

One of its main objectives is to raise awareness in society in terms of care needs at the end of life. This Chair has also created significant connections with other partners, such as the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), in order to become opinion leaders in this subject area.

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